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How Our Cell Phones Use AI?

Cell phones have been evolving into more complex creatures and using more artificial intelligence than ever in the current year 2018.

AI’s definition is, any time a machine can show human thought and reasoning capabilities through “machine learning” and ways a computer can mimic a human brain.

The core artificial intelligence features programmed into most cell phones have been historically focused on photography, images, phone efficiency and security.

Phone efficiency is not covered by or seen in the media as traditional AI, but it still counts. Apple phones use an AI “neural engine” chip to make the processing more efficient by giving power to temporary functions while allowing the standard functions to run seamlessly in the background, as any human brain would be able to delegate where to delegate power to keep something running efficiently.

One of the biggest AI covered by the media is Apple’s new face ID recognition system that makes a map of and recognizes the 3D image of a person’s face. They’ve used this same technology to power the animojis on the new iPhones, where animal faces mimic the structure and movements of the real user’s face.

Apple also uses ARKit to power its “augmented reality” features that let you integrate your phone with the physical environment, including previewing furniture in your home before you buy it, looking at constellation names through your phone while actually outside looking at a constellation and more activities in which technology and the real world combined into one.

Samsung takes it a step further using its VA Bixby to even identify physical objects in the real world through your phone which the user can use to learn how to buy the objects, how to translate the language and other tasks integrated with the real world.

Huawei’s new AI feature lets a phone camera take a picture focusing on the best part of the image and capturing the best photo possible using its chip technology.



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