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Arduino basic Setup and problems you encounter when your just starting

When I bought my first new Arduino, I was so excited to connect and start playing with it. But then I started to feel a bit nervous. What should I do? Should I connect it directly to the laptop? Do I press an on/off button?

Then some weird thoughts came to my mind what if I started seeing smoke, should I put the Arduino board on a table made of wood or plastic or what?  These are extreme questions that you don’t have to worry about since I already made my research and checked it out. Nothing will happen:).


My Arduino with the USB cable
My Arduino with the USB cable


Question 1. How to connect the Arduino to the computer?

The USB cable is a normal cable like you’ve used for a USB printer. You can pick them up at any office supply store, Wal-Mart, etc. if you don’t already have one lying around. It supplies power to the Arduino via USB. You only have to supply other power if you aren’t connected to USB.

Question 2. Do you turn it on/off?

You turn it off or on by unplugging The USB cable. A feature (may make it in 18) is in the works to allow you to program in a “sleep” to allow an Arduino to have a period where it consumes less power. It is especially good for battery life scenarios.

Question 3. How to make sure it’s running (Arduino Basic Setup)?

Read the following instructions from this website:

Brief Steps:

1. First I downloaded Arduino IDE program.

2.  After downloading, Click File in the top left toolbar.

3. On tools click on port and check which port is the Arduino is connected.

4. Click on Examples and then 01. Basics then click on Blink

5. It opens another window I verified.

6. Connect the Arduino to the computer.

7. Upload to the Arduino board. Voila, it starts blinking.

Question 4. So After uploading the program, it takes up memory, how to delete to make space?

Just upload a new one, it can only hold and run 1 program at once, the old one will be deleted when you upload the new one.


These are some of the questions, I asked myself. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comment sections and I will be happy to answer you.

I’m an electrical engineer and a part-time blogger. I love to Play around with electronic parts (build small robots of any kind). I try to post information that can help others.


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