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What are the programming languages that can help you in robotics?

There are a lot of programming languages available these days. There is c, c++, java, python, ruby is few of the languages available. For machine learning and deep learning techniques such as tensor flow, it uses Python programming language on the front end for controlling training models but uses c++ to execute in the backend.

After a few years of experience, I believe its better to learn and become proficient with all of them and not stick to one and become expert one of them. The world in programming is always evolving and there will always be new languages available. All of the programming languages are good in certain areas.


For example, Arduino board is based on c/c++. Being able to code and control sensors, actuators and other components using Arduino board is a starting point. Learning the uses of resistors, diodes, capacitors and other basic electronic and their function in a circuit.

Raspberry Pi is based on python language.

For Ai, Ml, and deep learning, you have Deeplearning4j used Java programming library for deep learning.

Tensor FLow is used for deep learning framework which is written in c++ and python.

It doesn’t matter which programming language you start, just start writing codes, reading a lot of codes and test your codes. Start working on small projects, and once you get the hang of it, start another language. It will become much easier.

You can find beginner projects based on Arduino UNO board in the following links.

How to control an LED with arduino using a resistor?

How to connect and run Ultrasonic Sensor (HC-SR04) with Arduino?(10 min project)


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