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How the AI and robotics can change the future?

Artificial Intelligence and robots are being developed side by side in every area of our life.  As we see the quick and tremendous success in cars, we hope things evolve in all the fields especially in an environment where its dangers for human to work in ( deep underground or undersea mining) or in places where mistakes can injure or cause death to humans(surgeries).

Humans and future robots will work side by side
Humans and future robots will work side by side

Future cars will be able to drive alone without the help of the driver (human). That’s not only the exciting part, you will be able to have long and smart conversations with your car. This happened due to the great success in Natural language processing(NLP). Cars will be able one day to have a better understanding of the environment around it. For example, if there is an accident on the highway, then it suggests another route to take to decrease time duration.

Though what will be a nice car is like in the hot tub machine movie, the smart cars that can identify a person and have a quick background check such as his social media profiles.

Smart Car
AI car in Hot Tub machine movie

Artificial Intelligence Industrial Robots

It would be nice in the car manufacturing to have robots assemble the car autonomously. So now industrial robots, usually have a specific function. It can be adding a door the car body, or screwing bolts to the tires. Whatever it is, they have a specific job which they keep doing it continuously for as long as we want them to do it. Its amazing robots don’t get tired, sick or do a mistake.

But what if you want a robot to do more then one task. For example, a mobile robot that can get a box of screws of specific size and shape from the store, go to the assembling part and add them to their specific position. That would be amazing.  A robot like this would need to sense the environment around it, can move around easily, learn to read words and numbers, process all these and perform an output.

The Robotic Institute of Carnegie Mellon University are doing a research on such similar project. You can check their project here An autonomous mobile manipulator for assembly tasks

AI Medical Robots

What would be nice if there is a doctor which is a robot? Let say you have an appointment with Doctor John (Robot). You get to his office where he is waiting for you. He asks How can I help you? And you answer back I feel dizzy and tired. He replies No problem, I just need to take a blood sample. He takes a blood sample, analyzes it automatically and answers you low blood sugar. Here take these medicines and you will feel better.

Another scenario, which AI robots will be really useful are during tough medical surgeries where a doctor need to be precise and patient. Any errors will cause serious problems to the patient. There are some experiments/ projects done in this field such as in The Robotic Institute of Carnegie Mellon University called ASAP .

AI War Robots

Although I am not excited about the advancement of military robots, there are huge advancements in this field. Currently, weapons and machines all have the supervision and final decisions but Imagine you have a machine that its task to kill targetted humans autonomously. That will be terrible.


Future Artificially intelligent robots
Future Artificially intelligent robots


Finally, the quick advancements in AI are happening because of the improvements in areas such as deep learning, Internet of things, and machine learning. As a result, AI robots will be involved in every aspect of our lives. Although not all AI robotics can be beneficial to humans, every technology has its advantages and disadvantages. 




I’m an electrical engineer and a part-time blogger. I love to Play around with electronic parts (build small robots of any kind). I try to post information that can help others.


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