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There are different types of stationary robots which are SCARA, Cartesian, polar, cylindrical, delta and those that are vertically articulated.

robot arm on factory production line
Stationary Robot Arm


This kind of robot has rotary joints that always range from a simple joint that is made up of two joints to those that even have ten joints or more. This kind of a robot has a base which has an arm connected to it with a twisting joint. The links found in the arm are connected together by rotary joints. Each of the joints is known as an axis that gives an additional level of freedom. Mostly the industrial robots are made up of six or four axes. These robots can be powered through several means and they include electric motors. These robots today are being used in bakeries to palletize food.


These kinds of robots are also known as a gantry or rectilinear robots. They are made up of three linear joints that use the X, Y, and Z Cartesian coordinate system. They can allow rotational movement since they have an attached wrist. The three joints found in this robot help to deliver a motion that is linear along the axis.

These robots are used in 3D printing and in the machine for computer numerical control for lathes production where there is continuous parts unloading and loading. This works at a high speed and hence saving the number of operators. These robots are also used in drawing machines and in milling where a router or a pen is translated across the X-Y plane and a tool is raised and is lowered on a surface to create the desired design. The Cartesian coordinate robot principal is also used in the plotters and pick and place machines.


These are known as SCARA robots and they are compliant slightly in the direction of X-Y but a bit rigid in the direction of Z hence the origin of its name selective compliant. They are usually used in the assembly industry.


This is a kind of a parallel robot and has three arms that are connected to the universal joints that are at the base. These robots are used in factories to pick and pack as they are quite fast as they can have up to three hundred picks per minute.


These are robots that are used for simple tasks. It has a rotary base, a telescoping extension, an elevation pivot and a retraction boom. These robots are used for handling machine tools and in welding.


These are robots that their axes form a coordinate system that is cylindrical and is mostly used in spot welding, handling of machine tools, assembly operations and in the handling of die casting machines. The main arm moves mainly up and down. They perform this motion by extending a cylinder that is built in the arm. The up and down motion in the cylindrical robots is given by the pneumatic cylinder and the rotation is provided by the gears and motor.


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